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To: United Nations Secretary of Metahuman Affairs

From: Team Eisenberg, Dr. Reynard Michelle Leroux, Special Liaison

Subject: Doctor Lukas Alexander Eisenberg aka Heiler

Doctor Lukas Alexander Eisenberg,(b. 21 Dec 1980 in Herzberg am Harz in the Osterode district of Lower Saxony, Germany) His father Udo Eisenberg taught Mathematics and Natural Science in the local Gymnasium, his mother, Katerina (formerly Kreuzer) Eisenberg taught Latin and Greek in the same Gymnasium. His life seemed normal enough until at 5 he read to his mother from one of her Greek texts and began questioning some of the details in his father’s Elementary Physics workbooks. Clearly, he wouldn’t be attending a typical Grundschule.
Testing proved what was clearly obvious, his IQ was off the charts. His ability to comprehend and juggle concepts, finding unusual relationships where none seemed possible, put him on the fast track. Feeling a need to help others, Lukas decided that a career as a Physician would best suit him. He wanted to help people and after quickly mastering many basic skills he was ready for serious study by age of 10. This was a time of great hope and promise as this was also the year of reunification, this helped nourish Eisenberg’s natural tendency to altruism. Narrowing his fields of study for the medical profession he completed all requirements for Gymnasium pre-university studies and entered the Prestigious University of Heidleberg to study medicine. Semper Apertus (the book of learning is always open) was a motto he felt should be true for everyone. The pace was horridly slow for him, but he managed the next six years to stay with the program, studying other disciplines he felt useful on the side. He was, unsurprisingly the top of his class in 1996 when he attained a licence to practice medicine. At sixteen he had become the Doctor he envisioned at ten years of age.

 Over the course of his studies, he discovered that Doctors were the foot soldiers in the war against disease and suffering. They were the ones who went forward to do battle, but they did not formulate the plans or solutions that would eventually eradicate disease and suffering. Rather than take up practice, He entered the young and promising field of Synthetic Biology. At this stage he found he could no longer abide the tedious slowness of the current educational systems. He was absorbing information at an incredible rate becoming at least competent in any field he chose an interest. Beginning with the development of a combination of drugs and rapidly reproducing skin cells that would replace traditional forms of treatment in burn victims, he began Eisenberg Pharmaceuticals and embarked on new and promising research projects.

Grants were easy to come by and it was during this period (roughly 2000 through 2004) he first met Karin Yvonne Engel, whom he would marry at age at age 24. She was a promising biologist with a gift for genetics and a way of connecting with him few people were capable of. His business prospered greatly and he began new avenues of research. He surrounded himself with the most brilliant minds he could, worked closely with them and began to branch out looking at nearly every possible means of improving life for everyone on the planet.

Eisenberg Pharmaceuticals became Eisenberg Industries seeking answers to maximizing plant growth, re-invigorating depleted farm lands, disease prevention and eradication. It was a grand scheme born from one man’s vision of making a difference in the world around him. It was a productive period, and Eisenberg’s inner circle made some of their most important breakthroughs in nanotechnology. First they created a process for creating molecular building blocks with which to develop the wondrous molecular machines. From there they managed to create a "cat state" among several molecules. There seemed to be nothing to stop them. Of course one man’s altruism may be another’s potential loss of revenue. Some in the business community didn’t agree with Eisenberg’s vision of a better world for a better man. In late 2009, while working with his wife and several of his primary colleagues, Someone sabotaged the small reactor in their work facility. The "accident" took the life of Karin, his wife, and left him in a radiation fueled state of deterioration.

Thinking quickly, he had himself placed into the experimental Heiler chamber, which quickly arrested his condition. Though unable to completely cure his radiation poisoning, it did successfully rebuild his metabolism and allow him to function within normal parameters. Over time, they modified the Heiler Chamber and developed the Heiler Glove, which was a great advance. The Glove allows him to move beyond his protected environments for between 24 and 48 hours, depending on exertion. However, once the deterioration begins to set in, he must return to a Heiler environment (his suit, offices, or car) in order to fully negate the poisoning and damage done by his now inherently radioactive state. The Glove also protects those around him from possible contamination through an energy barrier that blocks the spectrum related to his body’s particular radiation. It also provides an effective guard against damage to the glove and any possible further assassination attempts


The Heiler Glove Containment Suit

In order to become more pro-active he founded Team Eisenberg, which exists primarily to advance the Heiler Unit as a weapon against evil (though other more peaceful uses are manifesting themselves as they work on streamlining the unit).

Each iteration streamlines the design, making it less bulky, and more efficient.

See Examples Below


Heiler Version 0.95 Beta - A Good Begining: All pieces far too large, even with gyros and exoskeleton, it proved a bulky, difficult suit to move in. Immediately began working out size issues. this particular design stood at roughly 3.66 meters or about 12 Feet

Heiler Version 1.5: Modified size of gauntlets to be more dextrous, Developed Crest Vent to decrease helmet width. Overall Size of unit down to approximately 3.2 meters or 10 and one half feet. 

Version 2.0: Difficulties with Crest Vent required modifying original side vents. Had to return to original gauntlet size due to an internal design flaw that would cause them to periodically lock in position. In spite of this system down to 2.97 meters or 9 and three quarters feet. 

Version 3.2 (Current Version): Improved side venting/air filtration and collection system and corrected the smaller gauntlet design issues. Improved Added energy field, improved blast capabilities and brought the external nanite delivery system online. Improved armoring system and added several additional systems.

First of all the Heiler Unit is designed to keep Eisenberg alive. It constantly produces nanites that function, die off, and replenish. It is there to keep him going. He can increase production rate if needed, but it does put a strain on the unit. He is able to release very short lived nanites capable of healing others. This requires him reducing the number in service to himself, and allows the radiation to begin to ravage his body. He can not do this for a prolonged period without doing harm to himself. The unit also provides a complete life-support system for a number of environments, can wirelessly connect to and scan computer networks, gives him flight capabilities, increases hearing and can scan/listen to radio broadcasts, the built in exo-skeleton, increases his basic strength, and fires energy blasts. It also maintains a low level energy field to contain radiation and protect against bug splats in flight. Current modifications under development, Slimming the suit and cutting down the 9 feet (2.74 meters) to something closer to man sized and enhancing the vision elements with some recent breakthroughs in negative refraction and nanolenses.

Eisenberg has recently moved the Team Eisenberg facility from Bern, Germany to Ulster, New York in the United States. This was primarily to complement his agreement to work with the United Nations UV task force. It is Eisenberg’s belief that metahumans of every stripe may hold the key to a breakthrough in actually improving the life of all those who inhabit the earth.

It is important that the public at large not realize the full extent of Eisenberg’s dependence on the Heiler Unit. He has taken great pains to seem to lead as normal a life as possible. They know he adventures in the suit, but have no idea of how deeply connected his life is to the device. The glove allows him to still make public appearances, and to leave containment for limited periods of time. Though he has obviously been affected by the "accident," and bears the physical reminders of it every day. It is important that the true nature of his affliction not become public. Also, though he is sometimes haunted by nightmares of the night he lost his wife, he is otherwise sound and more mentally fit than nearly any man I have ever examined.

I will be happy to provide any further details you may require at your request.


Dr. RM Leroux MD
Special Liaison to Sanction UV, Team Eisenberg